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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

IPsupermarket is listed on Global Semiconductor Alliance WebSite

GSA decision to list the IPsupermarket website on their resource page will increase the traffic & alliance of both the GSAGlobal & IPsupermarket.This partnership creates marketing synergies for both the companies to target the wide need for IPs in numerous application types.

GSA listed the IPSupermarket in their reference material of the IP catalog resources. IPsupermarket IP catalog provides GSA members with direct access to IPsupermarket's comprehensive catalog of Software IP & IP core, which serves as a valuable resource for SOC designers, Design House, Semicon & Services Companies, OEM and Freelancers.

IPSupermarket is offering free membership for the Buyers who are looking about the information on IPs and also offering Free Membership to the sellers who are looking to sell their IPs.

For more information about the GSA Listing please visit at: or Browse

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Information About Silicon IP

Silicon IP is a great IP solutions and used in many technology areas. An organization or developers can promote or procure various silicon IPs at; where they can buy, sell or license these IPs.

Silicon IP

If you couldn’t find your required or customized silicon IP, you can list your requirement by registering as a buyer, which is completely free. Sellers of the will respond you at the earliest.